We are commercial landscapers and external works specialists. Through years of dedicated training and experience we help create beautiful and functional external environments.

Commercial Landscaping

Soft and hard landscaping for hospitals, parks, schools, military infrastructure and medium-density housing.

External Works

All works outside a building footprint, encompassing civil works, footpaths, external shelters, access for vehicles and hard stands, wastewater and surface water drains, as well as supply of utilities.

High Rise Balcony Restoration

Remove tiles, subbases and existing membranes, reinstall screeds, waterproofing and pedestal tiling.

Land and Facilities Management

Mowing, mulching, pruning, irrigation, lighting, drainage and maintenance.

Mission Critical Infrastructure

Physical barriers, roads, land clearing, shelters and targetry systems installations.

Outdoor and Street Furniture

Internationally or locally made external furniture, street art and playground equipment. We also design, fabricate and install our own products.

Site Improvement

Trees, plants and soil improvement, upgrading drainage and irrigation systems.

Soft Surface Materials

Mass grass seedings with, hyrdo seeding, hydro mulching and spray on geotextile erosion control. This work can be undertaken within our indigenous partnership.